Dr Dave Hodgson

Dr David Hodgson

Dr Dave Hodgson is an Associate Professor of Ecology at the University of Exeter.  He specialises in ecological statistics, and applies modern algorithms to the analysis of BIG data on conservation biology problems from all over the world. To date he has helped us to understand the population ecology of threatened species like marine turtles, elephants, farmland birds, butterflies, lions and lizards. He has also helped us to understand how plant species, all over the world, respond to ecological disturbances, and how parasites influence the evolution of their hosts and vice versa. Alongside this diverse body of research, Dr Hodgson also maintains an unhealthy obsession with wild cabbages and the incredible insects that devour them.

Synopsis of Talk:

"Think Local, Act Global"

In this talk Dr Hodgson will discuss how individual people, with computers, can use BIG data and AMAZING analyses to solve GLOBAL conservation problems without having to leave their home or office. The adage "Think Global, Act Local" reminds us to source resources from our own neighbourhoods, and not to waste, or subsidise the wasting of, essential global carbon stocks. Dr Hodgson agrees, but also points out that the information revolution allows us not just to  "Think Global, Act Local", but also to do the thinking "locally" and make a real difference "globally". In this talk Dr Hodgson will take the audience on a virtual journey around the world, visiting elephants in India, lizards in South America, turtles in the ocean, and flowers in the Kuwaiti desert. This journey, and the conservation research that has emerged from it, will demonstrate how BIG data can be used, for free, to really help tackle the world’s grand environmental challenges.

Dr Dave Hodgson

Associate Professor of Ecology

Centre for Ecology and Conservation

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus

Tel 01326 371829, Mob 07976007559